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Professional services we offer

Services Overview

We offer our Professional Services to help customers in achieving their specific goals. We facilitate analysis, design, implementation, deployment and quality assurance of systems that are strategic to a client’s business and enable project execution in specified time and budget. We provide engineering consultation services for the plant automation and software integration.

Business Services

  • Business Processes Optimization.
  • Legacy Systems Data Migration.
  • Data and Disaster recovery services.
  • Data and Query optimizations.

Project consultancy

  • Collaborative and joint projects.
  • Custom software development.
  • Technical consultancy and assesments.
  • Outsource projects.

Quality Assurance

  • Comprehensive Application testing.
  • Porting and scalability testing.
  • Application functional testing.
  • Benchmarking and performance testing.

Gaming Services

  • Game assets development
  • Game Platforms Porting.
  • Game Testing.
  • Game Development

Our Expertise

Anilogix's software design team has a history of demonstrated results and recognized education and certification milestones. Our strengths are superior technical know how of systems, in depth knowledge of latest and emerging technologies, software architecture design and implementation. The ability to grasp root of the problem and quickly come up with a cost-effective viable solution is one of our main strength.


At Anilogix's we primarily uses extreme programming paradigm as a standard for rapid prototyping and product development. This approach ensures maximum productivity in minimum possible timeframe. However for customized solutions targeting specific client requirements we use the following model.