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About Us

Below you can find more information about our company

About Anilogix

Anilogix is the place where new technologies are born. We put tremendus efforts and considerable resources on the research and developement of new technologies to address challenging real world problems and cater wide range of market needs.

Our Mission

ANILOGIX is focused to produce Innovatative enabeling technology products and solutions for global market. Our products and solutions serve four major industries but not limited to Interacrtive Entertainment, Simulation and Visualizations, Business Applications and the Engineering Solutions.

Why US

We are focused on client satisfaction and geared to provide cost-effective, cutting-edge solutions that bring a number of benefits for its clients which can be measured in terms of customer satisfaction, system efficiency, productivity & reducing the total cost of ownership.

Meet Our Team

Syed Shams-ul-Haq

Mr. Shams-ul-Haq is PhD candidate at Universty of South Carolina, holds M.E., MS (Gold Medalist) degrees in Computer Sciences. His in depth knowledge in software developmet and smart vast skill set of tools and technologies make him a unique personality with more than fifteen years of programming and desiging software applications. He started programming on C64 Commodore 64 back in 1989. His core responsibilities are to takecare of day-to-day company operations, do project estimations, budgeting, serve as a official company representative apart form these activities he is also involved in research and develpement of new technologies.

Syed Ghufran-ul-Haq

Mr. Ghufran-ul-haq is a dynamic professional having BS degree in computer science. As fifteen years plus programming vateran his insight knowledge about the software architecture and technologies enables him to rapidly come up with a solution. He started programming on C64 Commodore 64 back in 1989. As CTO of the company his core responsibilities are to design the arhitecture of the system, assign jobs to the technical teams and help them achieving their targets with quality standards.

Tanzeel Qadri

Mr. Tanzeel Holds Masters in Business Administration degree, He is resposnible for marketing and business development.

Our Partners

Intel   Corp.

Intel is world leading Micro Processor Manufecturer. Anilogix is premier develope partners with intel to incorporate their latest technologies with ours to deliver state of the art applications.

Nvidia   Inc.

NVIDIA Inc. is one of the worldwide leading companies in GPU technologies. Anilogix is developer partner. Our 3D Applications are optimized for Nivida's GPUs

Creative Labs  Inc.

Creative Labs is one of the leading Sound Card Manufecturers. Anilogix is developer partner. our Sound based applications are optimized for EAX.

AMD   Inc.

Advance Micro Devices is one of the top manufectrer of Micro Processors and Graphics Cards. Anilogix is developer partner. Our applications are optimized for AMD Processors.

Our Selected Clients

ZVerse   Inc.

ZVerse is one of the leading novel consumer based 3D Printing company.

National Engineering Labs

NEL is engineering services provider uses anilogix's engineering solutions

Invester Relations

The Anilogix is limited liability company. The equity is held privately by the directors of the company. The policy for external investments in the company is determined and finalized by the board of directors of the company. If you are interested in investment and wanted to find out more about the company or discuss in detail about the investment opportunities. Please contact Investor Relations.

    • High growth rate potential, better returns on investment and minmum risk.

    • Long term trustable business relationship.

    • Highly innovative, devoted and commited people to work with.

    •Transparent business processes offering higher degree of confidance.